Shawna and Carol pics 069 - CopyShawna and Carol come from different walks and different careers, but are now spending most of their waking hours doing Kingdom work. Although they reside in different states, they work together as a team to bring the Word to many hurting and struggling women across the globe.

These two love to talk about food, but even more than that they love to dig into the Word. So when they heard God’s calling to write a Bible study, they quickly settled in.

They have both been filled with a hunger for the presence of God, and their ministry is devoted to whet the appetite of others to do the same.

No one can accomplish Kingdom work if they are sick and tired from illnesses and diseases. We cannot do it if we are broke from the rising cost of healthcare. The enemy has stolen our health, time, and our confidence for far too long.

It’s time take back our territory, one little choice at a time!