Created in God’s Image

God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

Self ImageHave you ever thought about Eve and what was going through her mind while residing in the Garden? She had it all–constant communion with our Maker, a soul-mate for a husband, delicious food right in her backyard, and let’s not forget, a perfect body. She was not the least bit concerned about walking around the Garden naked. Then along came a snake, with a temptation, and everything changed.

After the fall, she became ashamed and covered herself up so no one could see her nakedness, especially God. And since then, women all over the earth have been forgetting how beautiful they really are. When we look in the mirror we have a natural tendency to see all the negative and forget the positive.

The enemy works really hard so that we find numerous faults in ourselves. When we focus on our flaws, or the flaws of others, we are taking on the nature of the enemy and not our Lord who created us in His image.

Let’s not forget when we look at that reflective piece of glass–we are daughters of the King.

It can take some time for us to get out of old ruts and put negative thoughts and comments completely behind us. Don’t dwell on it… practice forward progress and gradual growth. Stay positive and make little changes along your journey that make a difference.

Action Plan: Write scriptures and/or positive messages on your mirror to remind you every time you look in the mirror that you are a reflection of our Maker.