God’s Healing Love

Heavenly heartWe all have them, don’t we? Those “little sins” in our lives that we try to ignore or justify. Whether it be a “guilty pleasure” TV show that we know we shouldn’t be watching, a grudge that we’ve been holding on to, or something completely different, unforgiven sin eats away at each of us from the inside out.

In The Message translation of Proverbs 28:13, God’s Word says:

“You can’t whitewash your sins and get by with it;
you will find mercy by admitting and leaving them.”

We all are guilty of trying to whitewash over our sins. Like Adam and Eve, after the very first sin, our tendency is to try to hide and pretend like nothing happened and that nothing is wrong. But the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23) and that death will continue to eat away at us, whether or not we acknowledge it.

In Psalm 38:3b (NIV), David writes:

“There is no soundness in my bones because of my sin.”

Friend, I don’t believe David wrote this to say that bad health is due to our sin. For example, no one gets a cold because they lied. But this verse does remind me of my brother’s cancer. His multiple myeloma caused an increase in the activity of cells called osteoclasts (which break down bone) and a decrease in the activity of osteoblasts (which form new bone), which caused his bones to dissolve at a faster rate than they were forming. This left his bones brittle and structurally weakened, but there were no outward symptoms for quite some time. My brother looked like he always did. He acted normally. His behavior didn’t change. He seemed to be healthy. Looking at him, you would have never guessed that anything was wrong. He even felt good—until one day, he didn’t. His body’s structural system could only be weakened for so long before it just couldn’t handle the weight anymore. His vertebrae began to fracture and then because of the fractures his body finally began to register pain. That’s when he sought treatment and got his diagnosis. But by then, the cancer had done so much damage, it couldn’t be reversed. Symptoms could be treated, but his medical team could only try to contain the cancer so things wouldn’t get worse. The damage was done.

So it is with our sin. When it is unconfessed and ignored, it weakens us internally. We can hide the damage it’s done and continues to do from others and even ourselves for a time—sometimes even a really long time. At some point though, breakage will happen and it will all be revealed. All the hurt, all the damage, all the wounds, all the ugly will be exposed.

But God is full of love. It is never too late to confess and repent of our sin. It’s never too late to come the One who created us and knows us best. He wants us to choose to come to Him, and when we do, there is mercy and healing. He is the only One who can make us healthy and whole again.

So, friends, let’s take a moment to stop and acknowledge those sins in our lives that have gone unconfessed and turn to our Healer to ask for forgiveness.

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When Carol is not spending time with her family, you'll find her working for the Kingdom and serving within the women's ministry at her church. Carol's passion is to help women to grow in the Word as well as encourage them to embrace their heritage as “Daughter of the King".

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