Our Vision

Modern church exterior

Crown of Grace Ministries is a powerful resource devoted to supporting women and their families. We want each woman to embrace their heritage as “Daughter of the King” and to encounter Jesus’ love in a very personal way. Our desire is to encourage, inspire and empower women across the globe to dig deeper into God’s Word while being led by the spirit of grace.

At Crown of Grace Ministries we focus our teachings directly from the Word of God as we bring hope and healing to the spiritual and physical lives of women. Our goal is to help women draw closer to God and motivate them to make little choices that matter throughout their everyday lives

With the current healthcare crisis in the nation, God is calling His own people to be more health conscious. Carol and Shawna see the need and have chosen to implement a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Through the process of getting healthier, they have been healed from the inside out and now feel they have been called to write a Bible Study book in order to help women who struggle with finding the balance of eating healthy and living in our busy lives.