The Garden of Our Life

Woman knelt in vegetable gardenI love the way Jesus cares so much for us that He finds ways to speak to us through things that He knows that we’ll understand.

This just happened to me today. I had been having a couple bad days and I really needed to hear what He had to say to me. He came through in a powerful way, and I’m so thankful that He knows how and when to speak to me. I mean, we all know that we are not always listening, but thankfully, today I was.

When we go through improvements in ourselves, or when we’re trying to be the best that we can be, there is an enemy who will try to stop our progress. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Sometimes, even the Believer with the utmost faith, the one who encourages others, the one who keeps their eyes on Him, even that person can let their guard down and allow some negativity to creep on in.

That enemy will steal our peace, kill our joy, and try to trample our gardens.

We plant seeds. It is a continuous activity. What kind of seeds we plant will determine what kind of fruit we will produce. Yet, there are other factors that affect our gardens (our lives) both positively and negatively.

We know we need fertile soil, sun, and water to grow things, but our gardens require even more than that; It is not an easy process to successfully grow fruit!

You see, there are creatures that come to prevent our fruit from growing or to eat that fruit of our labor themselves! There are weeds that grow and try to choke out the very plants we are trying to grow. Sometimes, the sun is too hot for our fragile little plants and they need more shade. And sometimes, we don’t acknowledge that certain plants only grow in certain seasons.

As gardeners of our lives, we need to be in tune with our crops. We need to maintain our gardens daily. If we see signs of destruction or insect pressure or weed pressure, we need to stay on top of that!

Some of the insects I have recently found in my garden are insecurity, the need for approval, loneliness, and doubt. They can damage our plants, but if you catch it in time, your fruit won’t be affected.

Some weeds that have popped up are judgement, negative words, fear, and impatience. We need to snatch these up by the root and not allow them to take hold.

I’m not going to succumb to crop failure and allow the enemy to discourage me. The battle is already won, and I need to get restored in the Word, rest up, and put on the full armour to keep my garden successful.I am not going to try and grow cold weather crops in the heat of the summer, and I will provide the shade and protection my tender little plants need.

Like the Shepherd tends his flock, so we need to tend the garden of our lives. I want to produce the fruit of the Spirit in such an abundance that it spills over, and I can bless everyone with whom I come in contact.

My prayer for you today is that you survey your garden, check to see if you’re growing the right crops for this season, stay on top of the weeds, and be sure to squash any insects as they present themselves.

God promises that our seeds will bring forth Harvest. It’s time to do our part to produce the strongest and most plentiful harvest we can…in His name.

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When Carol is not spending time with her family, you'll find her working for the Kingdom and serving within the women's ministry at her church. Carol's passion is to help women to grow in the Word as well as encourage them to embrace their heritage as “Daughter of the King".

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